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BMW K1200LT Accessories News


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Thank you all for your continuous support over the last 3 years.

We have added new BMW K1200LT accessories as well as universal items for other bikes (sport, touring, and race). In the next few weeks expect to see accessories for the K1200S and K1200R as well as for the R1200RT and R1200S.

We have added the following new items to our website:

Baxley Wheel Chocks: LA Chock for most bikes, LA Trailer Chock
with a smaller footprint to use up less space in a trailer and Sport
Chock for bikes with 120/70-17" tires.

Warm and Safe heated gear to keep you nice and toasty during your cold weather commute or when traveling in colder climates. Use the Heat Trollers in conjunction with the clothing to regulate the amount of heat as necessary.

The Hella Micro DE Xenon HID and the Hella FF200 (Comet), FF200 Xenon HID, FF50 fog and driving lights have been selling well due to the increased lighting and conspicuity they provide for bikes. We believe the FF50 and FF200 non-HID are the best value for your money when it comes to auxiliary lighting for a motorcycle.

For even more emphasis on conspicuity and the added benefit of extra
lighting, the Motolights are a must. Ever see trains with the triangle
pattern of lights = main light high and two lower lights? The Motolights
provide the same pattern and increase your chances of being seen by oncoming traffic. We prefer the amber Motolight setup versus the clear. Stock Motolight is 35 watt 12 degree clear bulbs each. While the ambers are 50 watt 8 degree bulbs each. There are 50 watt 8 degree clear bulbs available as an option.


While supplies last, we are offering a free ($34.95 value) Rider West
Saddlebag/Trunk/Extension LED Lighting Kit with each sale of the
Saddlebag Reflector Conversion Lighting Kit and the Rider West Top
Rack Brake Flasher Kit. Installation instructions are well written,
clear and include pictures.

Once again, thank you for your patronage.
Ride safe!





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