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It's hot, hot, hot out here. Avergage temperature has been around 100 with highs of 107 this month. Riding has been curtailed some.

Good news is that we have added a few new products for the BMW K1200LT, R1150RT, K1200RS/GT and we look forward to the new accessories that will be coming out for the K1200S, K1200R, R1200RT, and the R1200ST.

As far as auxiliary lights, we have exciting news. We sourced a new set of HID lights and they should be available shortly. These lights can be mounted under the mirrors on a K1200LT or on the RBR mounts for the K1200LT, K1200RS/GT and the R1150RT. Pricing will be competitive and less than the Hella Micro DE Xenon HID.

Demand for the Hella FF50 fog lights, the Hella Micro DE fog lights and the Hella FF200 driving lights are still strong and they are the best value for auxiliary lighting, The Hella FF200 Xenon HID and the Micro De Xenon HID kits provide superior lighting and are preferred by long distance riders by illuminating the sides of the road and casting excellent light ahead. Running them in the daytime also serves as an attention getter and increases conspicuity.

We now have more Powerlet electrical products. Such as: SAE connectors, Garmin 2610 wiring harnesses (checkout the RAM-Mount 2610 cradle), 12v outlets, heated clothing wiring and connectors, and SAE to SAE extension wires. As a Baehr communications dealer, we have added a few more Baehr communications packages, we are now carrying the Basic and Basic Plus and in the near future we will stock all of their product line except the Helmets (but able to get them).

We are now offering the Handy Industries S.A.M. 1000 and related accessories at a good discount and have them in stock in Sacramento. If you are looking for the B.O.B. 1500, email US for quotes on pricing and shipping.

The Rider West Saddlebag lighting Kits are selling like hot cakes. We are on our seventh re-order with the manufacturer. Installation instructions are well written, clear and include pictures. Bakup backrests for the K1200LT are also selling briskly all the way to Europe and Asia.

As always, thank you for your patronage.
Ride safe!





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