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HID4Less BMW K12

Autolamps-Online HID Installation

Installing an HID kit:

Depending on the model bike, you may need to remove the nose cone.  Instructions for body panel removal for the K1200LT are found in the Files section at

Remove the dust cover revealing the low beam and high beam bulb orientation.  The low beam has a plug in connector attached to it.  The high beam bulb H3 is secured by a metal clip.

Items Needed: 1) Tube of silicone, 2) Drill bit or hole saw and 3) Rubbing alcohol

Low Beam H7 Conversion:

Remove the black connector from the back of the bulb. Loosen the two tiny retaining wires and move them to the left of the bulb and out of the way.  Remove bulb and set aside.

Drill an 11/16" hole in the dust cover just over the low beam for a straight in approach to pass the HID bulb wires (pig tail) through.  Use the grommet to seal it.  If the connectors on the HID bulb wires do not pass through the 11/16" hole you drilled, cut a small notch on the side of the hole to allow the connector to come through the hole.   Clean the HID bulb with rubbing alcohol removing any chance of accidental skin contact and oily skin residue.  After cleaning the bulb, insert the bulb in the headlight in the same place as the original bulb.  There is a small tab on the bulb base and this should be oriented up.  Secure the bulb with the two wire retainers that held the original bulb.  You may need to tweak the wire retainer to get it to hook properly.

Connect the pigtails from the bulb to the ballast/igniter.  Drill a 5/16" hole to the left of the first hole you drilled and pass the single wire with male end terminal from the relay into the dust cover.  Plug the male end to the + wire in the original bulb connector (on a K1200LT it's yellow while the ground is brown).  Set the connection under the dust cover off to the side (if you are also installing the high beam HID, go to the high beam HID installation now).  Put the dust cover back on the headlight assembly and pull the wire retainer up to secure the dust cover.  Connect the relay to the ballast making sure that the retaining clip on the connector from the relay goes over the small metal tab on the ballast that holds the retaining clip in place. Connector's retaining clip faces out.  Mount the ballast in a secure place of your choosing.  Either use heavy duty Velcro or zip ties (electrical wire bundle ties).  Find a place that will stay reasonably dry.

Run the positive and negative wires back to the battery.  Making sure when you secure them they do not pinch any vent and fuel hoses.  Attach ring terminals to the battery.  Test the HID light (make sure the wiring harness to the headlight is plugged in to supply power to the headlight.  Re-install everything and you are done.  Don't forget to pot the 5/16" hole with silicone to seal it from any moisture getting in.

High Beam H3 Conversion:

Detailed installation instructions with pictures are included with the Autolamps-Online kits.  The H3 conversion to HID requires a patented adapter (supplied) and drilling of the plastic bulb holder and inserting the pigtail wires from the bulb into connectors.  If you are not comfortable with making the modification to the plastic bulb holder and inserting the wires in the connectors, you can have a pre-modified plastic holder with bulb installed for an additional $40 (includes parts and labor).




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